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>> present. >> mr. chairman, directors you do have a quorum. thank you. working with all of these microphones to try to get them on. item 3 announcement of
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prohibition of sound producing devices during the meeting. please be advises that these sound producing electronic devices are prohibited at the meeting and any person responsible for one going off may be asked to leave the room. please be advised that cell phones that are set on the vibrate position do cause microphone interference, so the board respectfully requests that they be placed in the off position. i. 4, >> moved. >> second. >> all in favor say aye? >> aye. >> so ordered. thank you. >> item 4 communications. mr. chairman i know of none.
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>> okay. >> item 6, introduction of new and unfinished business by board members. >> six months ago we went through some tough labor negotiations and came up with a good contract that would give us flexibility in our work rules and what we have going on out. there what i would like to get is a status update on the labor cost-savings that we were supposed to have and did we implement a lot of practices that we said were going to be more effective for us and having us operate more eventually and if we put those practices into effect.
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and if we haven't, why aren't we? and have we made the labor cost-savings that we have anticipated? >> welcome, mr. yee and thank you for being here today. appreciate it. mr. reiskinin is out of town. any other new or unfinished business. >> seeing none. >> mr. chin on your agenda you have 6.1 election of the sfmta board chairman and vice-chairman pursuant to your orders. >> i would like to make a nomination. i would like to nominate tom nolan as the chair. >> thank you, any other nominations? are you sure? [
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[ laughter ] nominations for vice-chair? >> director rebekkah? >> i would like to nominate cheryl brinkman? >> any other nominations, seeing none, we can take them both together? >> yes. and you should inquire as to whether or not members of the public would like to comment. all those in favor of electricking tom nolan chair and cheryl brinkman vice-chair? aye. >> the ayes have it, so order. look forward to a good year. thank you
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on airplane, 2012 he returned to enforcement as a pco supervisor. supervisor cal calgaro is well-liked and respected by his colleagues and leads by examplele and is positive in his interactions with the public. on october 31, 2012, the day of the giant's world series parade a citizen brought to his attention that a man was attempting to slash people with a pair of scissors near grove and larkin. he asked the citizen to point out the suspect, and notified our dispatch, so the police came and apprehended the suspect as soon as possible. he also asked the witness to stay, so that he can provide a
5:20 am
detailed description of the suspect. because of his actions the dangerous individual was apprehended and a complete account was given to law enforcement by the witness for follow-up. for his exemplary performance in his regular duties and for his calm, clear thinking response to such a potential tragic episode, we are very pleased to recognize him for special recognition. presenting these awards is the director of security. investigations and enforcement, and cameron sami, our new manager of enforcement. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon, chair nolan and pardon my voice, i'm just getting over a bug here. directors, today gives me really great pleasure.
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i think most of us know that our pcos are regularly on the front lines for any number of things that occurred in our city. including special events like the giant's parade. and often times they are faced with having to make split-second decisions. and this is just an example of the work that they do. i had the pleasure of working with mark when he was a fare inspector, and was proud when he promoted up and became a pco supervisor. his quick-thinking enabled us to take a very dangerous individual off the streets and really by asking the witness to standby, it ensured that he
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were able to fully prosecute this person to the fullest extent of the law. i think he showed great courage and nothing makes me prouder than to present him with this award. [ applause ] >> well, i would like to thank lee, cameron, sami, my assistant directors and other co-workers and some of my expop people that i used to work with. i would just like to reiterate we're out there everyday, and we're trained to use our radios and to act safely, and to get all the details. so i thank everybody for this. >> on behalf of the board of directors -- [ applause ] >> on behalf of the board of
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directors and the entire sfmta and the people of san francisco, thank you for your outstanding work and i'm glad that you brought so many of your fellow workers here. thank you for the great work that you do all the time for us. [ applause ] >> next is taxiety services division. he started as a volunteer clerk with the division, just after graduating from uc davis. when he began working for the sfmta, taxi services was not able to hire additional staff, because of budgetary considerations. so he stayed on as a volunteer. for two years he paid his own
5:24 am
way on bart, commuting from union city. quite an achievement. at the time taxi services was at about 50% staffing levels and so he quickly branched out to help cover multiple facets of our operation, including customer service window, financial accounting, budgeting, driving training, supervising internals, lost and found, website developments and complaints. i'm tired just reading all of the things he has done. i year and a half ago we were
5:25 am
able to hire him on a part-time temporary basis and now he is onboard with us he has done an excellent job, maintaining a professional demeanor and able to handle people's gamete of emotions when they do with us and the taxi services division. he has always been very supportive and collaborative with his colleagues and he has built a good working relationship with everyone. chatwick has been instrumental in developing polices and procedures to better serve our
5:26 am
stakeholders and has done an excellent job of analyzing and troubleshooting issues. he has been particularly important in transforming our permit renewal process for more than 7,000 taxi drivers from an in-person renewal process on a single renewal date to a rolling system, and ability for drivers to renew by mail. he has stepped up to the plate and he is performing better than i must say a lot of our full-time professional staff, in fact. so we're very proud to
5:27 am
recognize him today for his achieves. i would like to introduce chris, our director of taxi services >> good afternoon. >> it's a real pleasure for me to recognize a gem of an employee like chadwick lee, he really made a difference during a time of transition, not just for his incredible volunteerism and paying his own way to come to work, which i passed gary corn wal's hat at a town hall meeting.
5:28 am
as bond mentioned it's very difficult to be up @ that front window. there is a lot of expectation and emotion and public service that goos on there and he has done an exemplary job of being a very, very good co-worker and we're very happy to have him on this team and or and i'm very happy to have this opportunity to recognize him. [ applause ] >> thank you, and on behalf of the board of directors and the entire agency, thank you to
5:29 am
your outstanding work. it's very impressive. i would love to hear a few words from you. sure. first and foremost directors i would like to thank chris for giving me the opportunity to be part of taxi services. i wouldn't be here today if it weren't for her. i would like to thank my co-workers, especially laurie chang. she like myself are both temporary employees here and we effortlessly worked for

January 17, 2013 5:00am-5:30am PST

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